On Country Events & Productions

Harris & Enoch Indigenous Enterprises Pty Ltd

Equiptment List

Speakers & Amps:
QSC KW152 1000 watt RMS 15" + Horn powered speakers
QSC KW181 1000 watt RM18" sub woofer 
Wharfedale Titan 15 15"+ Horn 400 watt RMS powered foldback monitors
Hartke VX410 4 x 10" Bass cabinet
Strauss SB30 Super Blues 30 watt valve guitar ampfiers
Tokai ST Legacy electric guitar
Tokai LP Legacy electric guitar
Aria Legend Bass guitar
Timberidge Acoustic Guitar
Drum Set:
Gretsch Catalina Maple 5 piece drum kit 22" Bass drum, 10" + 12" Toms, 16" Floor Tom complete with hardware including Gibraltar 9600 Series Worm
THread Drum Throne
Sabian AAX 20" Ride ,16" Crash, 14" Hihats, 12" Splash
Mixing Desk:
Allen and Heath QU16 Digital mixing console
Behringer ULtragraph PRO FBQ6200HD Dual 31 band graphic equaliser
3m x 3m
4m x 4m (with walls)
6m x 4m (with walls)
182cm fold up tables
Green stackable chairs
Shure SM 58 vocal microphones with cables and stands
Shure SM57 microphones for instrument miking including stands and cables
Shure SHRDMK5752 Shure SM Series Drum Mic Kit-4 Piece - Includes: 3 x SM57; 3 x A56D drum claws; 1 x Beta 52 Bass drum mic
12 panels @ 1.22M x 2.44Mwith adjustable legs 400 – 600MM
1 @ 600MM Stage Skirt with Velcro per meter wit clips for stage skirt
1 @ 1 step stairs (carpeted) suit 400 – 600MM stage